For Students

I have been teaching lessons since my college days.  I use the experience I have learned from my teachers and what I have learned from paying the trumpet as a professional for the past 25 years

For Working Professionals

For Professionals

I can help get your game to the next level using many techniques I have learned and developed through experience on the road for the past few decades.

For Acting Roles

Sometimes I teach actors that either need to play or look like they are playing in a movie or onstage in a Broadway show.  I recently worked with Brandon Curry a great Actor from New York City

Brandon Curry

“After joining the new musical Home Street Home by NOFX frontman Fat Mike, working with Glen on a Trumpet solo was a privilege. Not only was he accommodating to my rehearsal schedule, he’s an excellent teacher, whose experience and technique are clear. One thing I enjoyed most was listening to Glen play as he demonstrated any notes he had given me. I hadn’t played an instrument in many years and had been focusing primarily on acting when an opportunity to play came around. I went from basic to performance in a matter of weeks. Thanks Glen!” – B

glen marhevka and ghs jazz band


I try and help out music programs in our public schools as much as possible.  When I am home in Los Angeles I have been doing this whenever I can.  Over the past 5 years I have developed a special bond with the Glendale high School Jazz Band in Glendale, CA near where I live.  I learned and gained so much from the days in my High School Band and I want to help and inspire the next generation. I figure if I can inspire one kid to do something positive whether it is music related or not it is all worth it!

“Glen is incredible with my students!  Having such an inspiring professional musician in the room sharing his knowledge is a dream come true for this music teacher.” Amy Rangel, Glendale High School, Instrumental Music Teacher


I have done may clinics with the BBVD horn section over the years while we travel.  If you are interested in myself or the BBVD horn section doing a clinic at your school please send me an email

“Glen isn’t just an amazing trumpet play.  He is able to share that passion for music with the kids and really use that rehearsal time to improve their playing.  The kids and I always love having him at our rehearsals! Not all great performers are effective teachers, but Glen is the real deal!” Amy Rangel, Glendale High School, Instrumental Music Teacher