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Jim Manley and I talk trumpet!

Mar 7, 2017

This Month I was featured on the Trumpet Dynamics Podcast hosted by James Newcomb along with one of my friends and fantastic trumpet player Jim Manley from St. Louis.  James talked to me about Chop problems I have encountered over the past 20 years on the road and Jim let loose talking all things trumpet from chop issues to using less air to play with a bigger sound and more range.  I love talking to Jim about trumpet playing.  He is so passionate about it and has such great info.  He always inspires me to play better and I always pick something up from him that helps me learn to play this crazy instrument a little bit better.  I hope you enjoy the podcast. Here are a few photos I found from a trip to St. Louis.  Karl Hunter and I went Jim’s Gig and sat in with him and our friend Luppy on piano.   jim manley luppy st. louis

Glen Marhevka and Jim Manley Talk Chops Problems | Ep. 105