Bob Reeves and The Other side of the Bell podcast with John Snell

Feb 15, 2017

Bob Reeves Blog
 I have been going to Bob Reeves Brass since I was about 14 years old to get my Trumpet mouthpieces made and the Valves on my trumpets aligned.  In the trumpet world Bob and his shop are a big deal.  While I was a young student I remember going to his old shop in Hollywood.  The who’s who of the trumpet world would stop into Bob Reeves shop on any given day.  I would meet the top players from Conti and Pete Candoli to Doc Severinsen.  For me Bob‘s shop was about the coolest place I could possibly be period.  The smell of the brass mouthpieces being made and the photos on the walls of trumpet greats with Bob were intoxicating. I would talk to Bob about what I needed through the little window in the lobby and he would go in the back of the shop and make or modify my latest mouthpiece creation that I hoped would play even better than the last one.   The top pros would walk in say hello and the door next to the window would open and they would be invited into the back of the shop to talk with Bob.  I would wait patiently in the front lobby for my latest mouthpiece to be handed to me through the window only dreaming of one day being invited back or becoming a trumpet pro like my heroes.  After many years of shop visits, mouthpieces, and lots of practicing I eventually was invited to the back of the shop.  I finally felt like I made it… It was a dream come true!  This past year I was invited to be interviewed on the  Bob Reeves trumpet podcast “The other side of the bell“.  It was a huge honor for me to be interviewed for this podcast.  The trumpet players they have interviewed for this podcast are the best in the world period.  Doc Severinson, Arturo Sandoval, Wayne Bergeron, Chuck Findley,Jerry Hey to name a few. Although  I do not feel worthy of being on the list with any of these players I am happy to share my story with anyone that may be interested or inspired by what I do.  Best, Glen