Montana 2016

Sep 23, 2016

Montana!  In our 20 plus years of traveling we have performed in all 50 states but sadly we have only performed in Montana a few times.  Montana is a Beautiful place  and the people here are very friendly. I have been looking forward to this trip for quite some time ever since I saw that these shows were added to our tour schedule. The first show was in Bozeman.


Getting to Bozeman

To get to Bozeman was no small feat.  We had to fly from LA to Denver then to Billings, Montana.  We arrived at around 10 pm and then drove about 2 hours to Bozeman which put us in at around 12:30am. Basically a 12 hour journey from the time I left my house in LA until I arrived in Bozeman. Bozeman is a small town and is very cool.  We found a great Breakfast spot The Feed Cafe. We actually tried to go to the Stockyard Cafe.  A little tiny building on a farm that looked awesome.  Unfortunately after arriving  there was a sign that said closed for the season.

feed cafe, bozeman, montana

The Feed Cafe

That’s when we headed to the Feed Cafe and were not disappointed.  After Bozeman we played in Hamilton and Billings.  Both shows were sold out and had great energy and Vibe.  One of my good Jazz trombone/piano player friends John Roberts was at the Billings show.  He has moved to Montana and is now a professor at Montana State University Billings.  It was great to catch up with him after the show at the Alberta Bair Theatre.  Here are some photos from the trip.  Enjoy!